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Italialleva is the guaranteed system of the Italian farmers for livestock production; the use of the brand named Italialleva is granted for livestock production that meet certain requirements established by AIA and by particular protocols and regulations. AIA defines who is entitled to the use of the brand Italialleva; the system of governance; the levels of verification; the penalty system for those who are not respecting the requirements.  Food companies participating (dealers) shall provide guarantees that the requirements are met and they are bounded by the signature of a "covenant of transparency" with AIA. They are included under Italialleva only  after an evaluation of the criteria who AIA officers perform.
The quality system to guarantee Italialleva is managed and certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.
The brand Italialleva is attached to a product that ensures that milk and meat products made by an Italian company are 100% of Italian origin and that the entire value chain is tracked at every stage of the production process with high safety standards.

AIA’s guarantee for Italialleva products begins on farms, thanks to the daily hard work of breeders that care to ensure food security on farm and of their production. AIA follows the later stages of the product processing to ensure that the optimal conditions created on farm are kept.

The brand Italialleva carries with it the core value of transparency for the consumers who need to consciously choose and know what they eat. Italialleva offers the possibility to the consumers to get in contact with the excellence of Italian dairy and meat products promoted by those farmers who invest their best experience and knowledge. We are proud to say that the product is 100% Italian guaranteed from “farm to fork”!

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