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Anagraphic Register of equine and asinine breeds at limited distribution

Anagraphic Register of equine and asinine breeds at limited distribution: in the aplication of regulation which governs the Anagraphic Register of Equidae, the Italian Breeders Association completed an in-depth review of organizational processes of Register managed by the Anagraphic Register Office, organized in a centralized database in compliance with the rules of the new Disciplinary approved by Ministerial Order n. 552 of 12th Jannuary, 2009 and subsequent amendments. Not only the Equidae Office is interested in managing the anagraphic registers but also the peripheral offices associated with AIA and in addition a team of expert is trained for each breeds. This team is responsible for evaluating the subjects/animals for their registration on the supplementary sections (genealogy not available or incomplete) or for the stallions qualification. With regard to this, the Equidae Office coordinates the meetings of the associated firms.


Genealogical Books: the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies encharged AIA to manage the follows Genealogical Books:
  • Lipizzana horse breed (Ministerial Order n. 23581 of 9th September 2004),

  • Murgese horse breed (Ministerial Order n. 12597 of 8th October 2008),

  • Noriker horse breed (Ministerial Order n. 18997 of 7th  September 2011).

The activities related with these books are identifications, valuations, genealogical check and DNA analysis to permit the registration of all colt, brood mare, stallion to the books section, as established in the regulations.


Others Activities: the Equidae Office stipulated a convention with Mipaaf (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies) in favour of the Italian riding horses and performs controls for collecting data on the territory held by the Associate to allow themselves the organization of rallies book registration.


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