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Corporate bodies

A.I.A. Corporate bodies are: the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee, the President, the Supervisory Body and the Board of Arbitrators.

The term of office of the corporate bodies is three financial years.

Steering Committee
is composed of both members elected by the Assembly.

The current President of A.I.A. is Roberto Nocentini.

The previous Presidents of A.I.A.:

Pietro Salcuni (from 08.03.2013 to 26.07.2016)
Nino Andena (from 17.05.2001 to 03.07.2013)
Andrea Belloli (from 18.03.1998 to 05.17.2001)
Palmiro Villa (from 01.10.1989 to 03.18.1998)
Carlo Venino (from 14.05.1964 to 01.10.1989)
Tommaso Corsini (from 11.15.1952 to 14.05.1964)
Roberto Calabresi (from 20.08.1944 to 10.11.1950)

General Manager of A.I.A. is Mauro Donda.

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