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The Italian Breeders Association (A.I.A.) was founded in Rome on August 20, 1944 with the aim of reviving the national livestock sector devastated by World War II. It has been recognised as an entity of public-interest by Presidential Decree n. 1051 on October 27, 1950. Through the years, A.I.A. has rapidly grown its initial structure and has branched nationwide across the Italian territory, supporting each livestock sector and developing a wide range of supportive services to farmers, which have contributed to enhance the Italian animal husbandry and to make it one the most advanced world-wide.

A.I.A.’s role is described in Article 3 of the Statute, that reads:
The association has a technical scope whose intent is to implement all the initiatives that can usefully contribute to ameliorate the livestock sector and to increase a more efficient exploitation of the products derived from it.

To date A.I.A. associates the Regional breeders Associations (Ara) and Associations including Provincial and Interprovincial breeders Associations (Aipa/Apa). In addition A.I.A. includes entities operating in the livestock sector with responsabilities covered by the institutional purposes of the Association. 

A.I.A. has been entrusted by Italian Law (L. 30/1991 and 280/1999) to carry out controls of animal productivity for all breeds involved in animal production.
A.I.A. is also responsible for performing promotional, technical, economical and scientific activities for the breeders’ sake. The Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry subjects A.I.A. to supervision for this institutional activity. A.I.A. therefore carries out the following tasks resulted by laws and by its Statute:

Animal performance recording;
Herd Books and Anagraphical Registers keeping;
Technical advice to livestock farms;
On farm data management system;

National milk and genetic testing laboratories coordination;
Any actions aimed at ensuring animal welfare and food safety;
Promotion of 100% Italian products.

A.I.A. is nowadays a key player for the livestock sector in Italy. It has been accredited as a privileged stakeholder of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, the Italian Regions, main national and international research institutes and EU and international bodies. A.I.A. cooperates and participates in important projects with major Italian universities, with the National Research Centre (CNR), with institutes and experimental research Consortia. In 1987 A.I.A. has furthermore established, jointly with the Catholic University of Piacenza, the Observatory on the Market for Dairy Products based in Cremona.
A.I.A. participates in major exhibitions and fairs and is engaged in European and international projects and activities.