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Animal Health and Food Safety

Animal Health and Food Safety team is responsible for all relationships and existing activities with the Ministry of Health, in particular with the Department for Veterinary Public Health, Nutrition And Food Safety. The Ministry of Health identified the need to undertake an extensive training throughout the country regarding animal welfare, aimed at informing farmers of the contents of Legislative Decree 146/01 (Directive 98/58 EC) on the protection of farm animals , according to art. 2, paragraph 2. AIA and the Research Institute of Livestock of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna (IZSLER) - the Ministry of Health national dedicated center for animal welfare - have signed an agreement for the organisation and execution of the training project "Training Course on the welfare of farm animals in breeding", funded by the Ministry itself.

The Ministry of Health prepared, jointly with AIA, the national plan for animal welfare (PNBA). The training is related to on farm management in particular on the best approach to animals and the minimum standards of animal welfare. As stated under the PNBA, that farms run by farmers who have taken and passed the training organised by AIA, are to be considered at lower risk for infringement of animal welfare rules and know better what should be taken into account in controls’ s planning.

On animal health, AIA shares the Ministry of Health’s willingness to improve the traceability of veterinary medicine and participates in, jointly with other organisations in the livestock chain, the preparatory meetings that led to the drafting and adoption of new guidelines on traceability of veterinary medicine and the new model of veterinary prescription.

In 2009, the Feeding and Nutrition Technical Commission and its related working groups, decided to revise the feeding containing animal by-products (Reg. 1774 / 2002), the prohibitions of the OA constituents to ruminants (Reg. 999 / 01), official controls (domestic and import) and sampling. It was reviewed all legislation on feed additives, undesirable substances and contaminants, as well as rules on labeling of feeding (simple, compound, medicated, dietetic, additives and pre-mixtures).

As per food security, the four AIA’s guidelines on good hygiene practices (dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and goats and rabbits), validated by the Ministry of Health, are now published on the website


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