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The Laboratory Network of AIA's affiliated entities, currently represented by 24 structures, is an excellency in Italy for its broad network and gives prominence to raw milk testing.  The co-ordination and control of analytic activity are insured by a Central Laboratory, the Standard Milk Laboratory (LSL), that produces common reference materials for the calibration of equipment, monitors for the application of analytical, operational methods, and organises comparative analysis , ring test and pays special attention to the training and the updating of analysts. The cornerstone of the Laboratory Network activity consists of uniform analytics and operatives methods that are summarised in documents called Management Procedures issued by the Laboratory of Milk Standard.

These procedures, consistently under revision in order to comply with the international standards (ICAR, ISO, FIL/IDF), they are approved by those responsible of laboratory diagnostics and should be in compliance with the production value checks rules. A well-organised activity that allowed the breeders associations’ network of laboratories to achieve remarkable analytical standars across  the national territory. This has brought values of reproducibility (measure of the dispersion of data) to be below the standards of other analytical structures in relation to all the samples of milk analysed.