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Technical Office: Research and Study on Animal Productivity

This Office operates as specialised scientific support to UCCPA, inter alia, in the management and verification procedures for loading data bulletin productivity of milk on Dvd and initiate the consultation activities of the bulletin on the web. The Office offers a qualified technical support to the associates and participates in several national, European and International research activity among which we can recall the Project Climanimal, dedicated to the study of the influence of climate on livestock, in collaboration with University of Tuscia, ISMEA, CREA and CNR. We can also remember the comparative research between organic and conventional livestock production from farms enrolled in functional checks, so called Probio Project, which aims to highlight the differences in the fatty acid, protein composition and the level of aflatoxin contamination between products derived from conventional and organic animal husbandry. Its experts also perform teaching activities as part of training of new controllers.

It also guarantees various advisory activity to the national associations of species and breeds that have acceded to the Convention genetic evaluations.

It is is in charge of all the necessary documentation and follows up on the procedures necessary for the Certificate of Quality ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording), which has been granted to AIA since 2013 (see page ICAR certification for discussion of this matter).

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