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Standards Milk Laboratory

The Standards Milk Laboratory (LSL) is leader in Italy for the production of reference materials for the dairy industry. The samples produced in the laboratory are used for the calibration of analytical equipment from the laboratories of various associations of breeders, veterinary epidemiology, industries and dairies, as well as private laboratories, universities and research institutes (totallly clients are about 250 structures).

The preparation of reference materials and ring tests are the core of our LSL. Samples of reference materials produced: bovine milk, buffalo, sheep and goat for the parameters fat, protein, casein, lactose, somatic cells, urea, freezing point depression, inhibiting, bacteria, aflatoxin M1 and aflatoxin B1, Don, zearalenone, ochratoxin A and fumonisin in feed.

LSL organises inter-laboratory tests, the ring tests, under the umbrella of the proficiency test program of Damocles of milk, cheese and fodder (e.g. data, analysis, methods, organisation among inter-laboratory experts). LSL is accredited by Accredia (UNI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005) for all analytical testing that produce reference materials and CSQA certification (ISO 9001: 2008) for the activity of production of reference materials. LSL has been supported by the Centre for Metrological Tests Confirmations (CPC), available to all farmers associations. CPC ensures the accuracy of the measurements performed by the technicians of the Milking Machines Control Service, certifying their accomplishment of traceability international standards. In addition to calibration, CPC ensures the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of pulsometer and lactocorder, thus providing a complete and highly qualified service to farmers associations.

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