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Milking Control Service

As requested by the Central Technical Committee (CTC), in 1972 AIA set up the Milking Control Service (SCM) that is in charge to check the productive and functional features of milking plants used in farming.

The SCM technicians provide the service according to the institutional obligations concerning the statics control of milking plans, and the verification of the tools used for the measurement of production data. Periodically, the Metrological Test and Confirm Center issues calibration certificates of ARA (Regional Breeders Association) or APA (Provincial Breeders Association) equipment and of firms in charge for the installation of milking plants.

This service, regulated by the “Disciplinary of Milking Control Service Activity”, is managed by the central coordination of SCM operating in AIA. One of the activities of the Coordinator of SCM is organising periodically training courses for aspirant technicians which are qualified in case of passing the practical test expected and after an internship period of 2 months at least. Moreover, are expected seminars and refresher meetings for the SCM technicians organized by the offices of its associates or from time to time on occasion of important zootechnical events, also in collaboration with the leading companies in the sector.


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