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Equidae Office

Equidae Office

The main activities of the Equidae Office regard the managing and the coordination, all over the nation area, of the Anagraphic Register of equine animals, the Genealogical Books and the Anagraphic Register of the equine and asinine breeds at limited distribution.

Anagraphic Register of Equidae

According to Law n. 200 of the 1st August 2003 and the relevant decree of the 5th May 2006, the Anagraphic Register of Equidae has been activated the 1st January 2007, and since then all the equine animals in Italy must be identified and registered on the Anagraphic Register of Equidae.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry charged the Italian breeders Association to manage temporary and in a simplified form this Register.

Consequent the issue of the Reg. CE 504/08 that specify the norm for the managing of equidae database, enforced in Italy with Ministerial Decree of 29th December 2009 and D.M. of 29th September 2011, AIA continues, through its Peripheral Offices, to identify the equine animals as “common” or “farm animals” and the equine breeds enrolled in the Anagraphic Register  and in the Genealogical Books, bringing the necessary modifications to the managing procedure to be in compliance with the existing legal framework.

The role of AIA is to coordinate the Peripheral Offices in charge of the correct application of legal framework and the managing and updating of the registration procedure to the Register.

On March 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health committed to AIA the managing of BDEP ( Temporary Equidae Database), in order to include in a unique Database the equine breeds located all over the national area and registered in the Genealogical Books managed by the authorized entities. Moreover AIA developed cooperation procedures with the BDN (National Database) of Teramo. This collaboration permits to all approved slaughterhouses the transferring of data when the slaughtered took place, as requested by the legal framework, and finally it is also possible verifying the identification of the equine.

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